Introduced an innovative diagnostic system for cars

Introduced an innovative diagnostic system for cars

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An Israeli startup created an explosive detection device that was able to scan a car for defects in 4 seconds.

A small Israeli company called UVeye has created an intelligent machine inspection system that can help eliminate unpleasant situations at the rental car return desk.

“It all started with a smuggling control system and bomb detection,” explains Amir Hever, CEO.

Hever said that his artificial intelligence-based system could fully inspect a moving car in three to four seconds for any fluid leaks, as well as dents or defects as small as 0.08 inches. This is much faster than a person is capable of. Thus, car manufacturers, fleet operators, suppliers, car dealers, insurance companies, as well as rental and rental companies should be very interested in the technology of a two-year-old company.

Hever says he is currently working with Daimler, Toyota, Volvo, Skoda from the VW Group and other unknown carmakers to develop systems for assembly lines, shipping areas and dealerships. The company claims that it has raised $ 35 million in investment capital since 2017 and plans to attend technology events such as World Summit AI in Amsterdam in early October and CES in Las Vegas in January next year.

The relatively small company, with about 100 employees, offers three systems that can be used individually or together: Artemis (tires), Atlas (body) and Helios (lower body). They were originally developed as an integrated security system. Interestingly, the ability of a high-resolution system was initially considered a problem. UVeye has detected so many false positives due to the accuracy of cameras, sensors and more, it has become clear that they can be used as a high-speed quality control system on tires, upper body and underbody. For example, the camera checks the shape of the sidewall for tire pressure and can detect dried rubber or excessive tread wear.