Introduced aCar all-wheel drive electric truck

Introduced aCar all-wheel drive electric truck

September 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Many are waiting for a pickup truck from Tesla, but Evum Motors has already developed a compact truck equipped with two electric motors. You can already pre-order a novelty.

Such developments can be seen on the roads in Asian countries, which is quite natural. However, this car is the work of the Munich-based manufacturer Evum Motors. The car was named aCar.

 You can’t call it primitive. This is a compact truck with a beautiful design and powerplant, in line with modern technical trends. A small track 4.1 meters long, equipped with two electric motors (one per axis). Each motor produces a power of 10 kW.

 The maximum speed of the compact aCar truck is small – only 70 km / h, but it doesn’t need it anymore. It is worth noting that the range of the car reaches 200 kilometers without additional recharging.

 Now in Bavaria, a plant is being built to produce a compact truck. Its cost has not yet been announced, but customers can now pre-order on the Internet for the electric novelty aCar.

At the same time, information appeared on the network that Volkswagen introduced three home charging stations for its electric cars. Each of which will charge the car five times faster than a standard power outlet.