Intermot 2018: Horex VR6 Raw 2019 Roadster Presented

Intermot 2018: Horex VR6 Raw 2019 Roadster Presented

October 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The famous German motorcycle company “Horex” returned to the market with a new Horex VR6 Raw 2019 and presented its offspring – a roadster class motorcycle with a V6 engine.

It is known that Horex VR6 Raw 2019 will soon be sold in Europe, namely at the beginning of the upcoming year. How many units will include the ruler of this model is not clear, but the cost has already been announced. The creators set the price at € 35,500, and we can safely assume that even if this type of roadster is not released by a macro circulation, it is unlikely to meet another one similar within the city or perhaps the country.

Distinguishes from others Horex VR6 Raw exclusive power plant. The 1218-cc six-cylinder V-type engine with a camber angle of just 15 degrees and 3 valves per cylinder produces 163 hp and 122 Nm of torque, which is more than enough with a mass of 220 kg.

In addition to the exclusive engine, the CFRP composite subframe, which is also used in the manufacture of clutch discs, is provided in the model configuration. It also includes forged aluminum wheels, a front Brembo M50 radial caliper, a cantilever pendulum and an Öhlins suspension.

Also pleased with the seven-inch multi-color dashboard TFT, satisfying even the most sophisticated user.

Earlier at the Intermot exhibition was presented to Triumph Street Twin 2019 from the British company Triumph Motorcycles.