Infinitum Electric Develops PCB Stator Motor

Infinitum Electric Develops PCB Stator Motor

December 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Created next-generation electric motors are optimized for performance and efficiency, while at the same time they are light in weight and small in size.

So, the company Infinitum Electric created a stator with a printed circuit board. This development saves a lot of resources, such as copper and iron. In relation to electric cars, new technologies can be crucial for a higher power reserve – to save weight. Judging by the image, the stator of the printed circuit board is much smaller than the stator from a conventional electric motor.

“Our technology is that it draws all the iron and copper stator windings. Due to this, all losses that are associated with the core are extended. After that, we add our copper circuits to the circuit board, which increases the efficiency and durability of the stator, ”says Ben Schuler, CEO and founding of Infinitum.

 In addition to saving resource and mass, the idea of ​​a stator with a printed circuit board also allows Infinitum Electric to install all the sensors on one board. A PCB stator also controls components. In a conventional electric motor, you have to place the sensors separately. The ripple of the torque was also eliminated on the new engine, which makes it more silent. Copper conductors are completely insulated, making them less prone to failure.

  As the general director of the company noted, a motor with a new stator can reduce the mass of traditional power units by 90% with the same performance. Also, the new engine is approximately 10% more efficient than other motors. The stator manufacturing method enables it to have the same level of coefficient of thermal expansion on its entire surface, which will make it more durable and reliable.

  On December 5 this year, the company completed work on a project in which $ 12.5 million was invested. According to assumptions, the debut batch of products will be released in June next year.