Infiniti will show in Detroit the forerunner of the electric crossover

Infiniti will show in Detroit the forerunner of the electric crossover

December 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The concept will demonstrate the new corporate identity and tell about the platform for electric cars

The company Infiniti showed the first image of the electric crossover, the public premiere of which will be held at the Detroit Auto Show. The concept will demonstrate a new form of brand design language, talk about a future production model and a new platform for electric cars.

The conceptual crossover will become part of the Infiniti strategy for electrifying the lineup and switching to the production of hybrids and electric cars. The prototype will be based on a new platform, which, according to the company, requires a different approach to the development of the appearance of cars. There will be new proportions, and more spacious salons, stuffed with assistive technology.

In the design of the SUV, you can probably find a lot in common with the latest Infiniti concepts: Q Inspiration and Prototype 10. They both demonstrated a vector of corporate identity development with an admixture of “Japanese DNA” and anticipated the transition to electric traction. About the new platform it is known that its design provides for the possibility of creating machines with both fully electric “filling” and hybrids with an onboard “progress extender” e-Power in the form of a compact gasoline engine.

Infiniti will release its first electric car in 2021. He will be a harbinger of a whole line of electrified cars, whose share in total brand sales by 2025 will be 50 percent.