Infiniti will change the chief designer

Infiniti will change the chief designer

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The design of the premium brand Infiniti will now be addressed by Taisuke Nakamura – this was reported by representatives of the automaker itself.

This person will replace Karim Habib on September 1. The chief designer of Nissan Motor and Senior Vice President Alfonso Albaisa will act as the direct superiors of the new designer.

At the moment, Nakamura is 49 years old and previously he was subordinate to Habib. His area of ​​responsibility included the development of design and concepts of serial cars. His works include the concepts of Prototype 10, Qs Inspiration, Infiniti QX Inspiration.

The Japanese began his work at Nissan back in 1993. At Nissan Desigh Group, Nakamura served as director of design. In addition, he was the head of development of the Q30 hatchback and the Infiniti Emerg-E concept. His work at Nissan includes the IMx crossover concept, as well as the Sentra, Qashqai, and Gripz. The designer said that in the new position he will be engaged in the formation of the “electrified future” concern.

Having experience in the BMW Group and Daimler, in 2017, Habib took up the design of Infiniti. Albaisa expressed gratitude to his employee, noting his great contribution to the development of the brand and the transition to electrified machines.

Now Infiniti concern is engaged in restructuring, one of the components of which is the change of Habib. It is planned that next year the manufacturer will leave the West European market, and the headquarters will move from Hong Kong to Japan. In addition, the brand is creating a new style that is associated with electrified cars.

In May of this year, Christian Meunier, who became president of the Jeep brand at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, resigned from the post of general manager of the auto concern. Currently, Mike Colleran is the vice president of global marketing and sales.