Infiniti introduced its electric sedan Qs Inspiration Concept

Infiniti introduced its electric sedan Qs Inspiration Concept

April 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The electric sports sedan Qs Inspiration Concept was officially unveiled today. One of its main features is a completely new design, high seating position and innovative technologies. The Japanese premium brand will launch its “electric offensive” from the Chinese market.

After a first look at the concept of Qs Inspiration, the photos of which were published at the beginning of this month, the guys from Infiniti finally presented their novelty. The presentation took place at the ongoing Shanghai Motor Show. Representatives of the premium companies said that the main features of the concept are high driver landing and all-wheel drive.

According to the guys from Infiniti, the Qs Inspiration sports electro-sedan is “a future production model and hints at the electrified future of the company as a whole.”

The car is based on a completely new architecture, which will be used as the basis for future electric vehicles.

Another important mission of this car is to hint at Infiniti’s future styling for electric vehicles. The concept was developed by a team of designers working under the direction of Karim Habib, and the manufacturer believes that it gives the traditional sedan a new interpretation with new external proportions and a spacious interior.

Infiniti, which is part of the Nissan brand, also said that the first-generation electric cars will be designed and manufactured in China for the local market.