Infiniti dealer sells Tesla electric car to mayor

Infiniti dealer sells Tesla electric car to mayor

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The buyer of the American electric car at the Infiniti dealership was Mayor of Sherbrooke Steve Lussier. However, this deal is temporary, most likely, later the car will be replaced with an electric car from Infiniti.

The Infiniti de Sherbrooke dealership in Quebec, Canada, has satisfied its main customer, Sherbrooke Mayor Steve Lussier. He expressed a desire to purchase a car on electric traction. It is worth noting that there is not a single electric car in the Infiniti lineup. As a result, Steve Lussier was sold the Tesla Model 3.

The leadership of the Japanese automaker Infiniti de Sherbrooke on the dealership’s Facebook page congratulated the mayor on the acquisition of a new car. At the same time, the deal was called temporary. Apparently, the mayor will move on the Tesla Model 3 until the electric Infiniti appears in the lineup, and this will happen no earlier than 2021.

 “This is a temporary solution until they have a serial electric car,” the importer wrote.

 According to the new electrification strategy, electric cars will enter the market simultaneously with rechargeable hybrids. Infiniti designers will be inspired by the Q Inspiration concept, and by 2025, electric cars will provide more than half of the brand’s global sales.