Inept drifter set fire to Tesla charging station

Inept drifter set fire to Tesla charging station

December 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The engine of the old Ford Mustang could not stand the work at high speeds and caught fire, after which the flame spread to the charging station.

A resident of one of the towns of the US state of Oregon, Ricky Criss decided to portray a spectacular drift on his old Ford Mustang. The American sat behind the wheel of a car drunk. The result of the race was a fire and the subsequent arrest of an inept drifter. The Mustang engine, unable to withstand the load, caught fire. The fire quickly spread, spreading to the terminals of the Tesla Supercharger branded charging station. The driver himself was not injured, for which he should thank the police: they did not allow the man who managed to get out of the ignited car safely to return for personal belongings.

 Arriving at the emergency site, firefighters eliminated the fire. An examination showed that the level of alcohol in the blood of a Ford Mustang driver was twice the current state norm.

 For dangerous driving and driving while intoxicated, Ricky Criss was arrested. After the fire, the Tesla charging station had to be closed for repairs. Currently, specialists are repairing fire-damaged terminals. Whether the owner of the Mustang will have to pay for the damage is still unknown.