IndraCar awaits Ferrari in 2022

IndraCar awaits Ferrari in 2022

June 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We already said that Ferrari is exploring the opportunity to put their team in the American IndyCar championship.

This is partly due to the limitation of budgets in Formula 1, which will inevitably lead to a reduction in costs and layoffs of the personnel of the racing unit. To avoid job cuts, Ferrari is ready to expand its presence in various racing series, and IndyCar is a promising option.

Roger Penske, an American entrepreneur and owner of the IndyCar team of the same name, confirmed that Ferrari has been negotiating with the series for participation in the championship since 2022, when IndyCar will switch to hybrid power plants.

“Of course, IndyCar is considering the potential arrival of new automakers,” Penske told SiriusXM on the air. – Probably you heard about the negotiations with Ferrari. They may be interested in participating in the series starting in 2022, when the new engine regulations begin to apply. It would be great if a third automaker appeared in IndyCar. “

Now IndyCar has two manufacturers – Chevrolet and Honda. The last time a new car company entered the championship in 2012. It was a Lotus, but after an unsuccessful season the project was curtailed.