Indonesian motorists continue to buy Datsun Cross SUVs

Indonesian motorists continue to buy Datsun Cross SUVs

December 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews
Datsun Cross

From the very first day of official sales, the people of Indonesia have shown unprecedented interest in the new product. According to local media, the queue for the most popular complete sets of three-row SUV lasted for several months. In November, the model once again became the bestseller of the brand.

The Datsun Cross compact crossover, which received a high ground clearance of 200 mm and 15-inch wheels, made its debut on the Indonesian market in January 2018. With the advent of the first commodity cars, the manufacturer did not delay: shortly after the official premiere, local motorists were able to purchase the first copies of the novelty. During its presence in Indonesia, according to local automotive publications, this model has sold over 50,000 vehicles, and buyers have lined up behind individual versions of cars.

Most of the sold SUV (more than 40%), according to the latest calculations, equipped with a CVT. Last month, the rush demand for Datsun Cross was preserved, which once again allowed the model to receive the title of the best-selling car brand.

  The SUV was created specifically for driving on Indonesian roads, hence its enviable popularity. For example, in order to protect the car from undesirable minor damage on the way, the manufacturer strengthened the underbody protection and provided Datsun Cross with protective covers. The motor range of the model is represented by a 1.2-liter engine with a return of 68 or 78 hp. As transmission – five-speed manual transmission or a variator. There is no all-wheel drive, but the list of available options, by local standards, turned out to be very rich.