Indian FTR 1200S broke rear wheel speed record

Indian FTR 1200S broke rear wheel speed record

August 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

He piloted the Cecil “Bubba” Myers motorcycle introduced last year. He is also the author of a past willy record.

Willie is one of the most popular bike tricks that every beginner tries to master. Indian FTR 1200S can also be said to be a beginner, since this year is the debut for the company in such competitions. Thanks to the experienced pilot, the motorcycle not only showed itself well, he set the two best UK speed results in the Production V-Twin class (up to 1350 cm3).

 We are talking about the categories Flying Start ΒΌ miles (record – 145.543 miles / hour) and Standing Start Mile (record – 145.613 miles / h). In 2018, in the second category, Myers drove on the rear wheel at a speed of 131.137 mph.

 According to the athlete, it was a worthy model debut. Despite the fact that the bike is pretty standard, its performance and balance are impressive, and were able to withstand 29 of the best participants from around the world. To feel the technique and its features, Myers says, he did not need much time.