Indian craftsmen built a small combat van Suzuki Gymni

Indian craftsmen built a small combat van Suzuki Gymni

April 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The idea of ​​a zombie apocalypse has always been ignored by most people who considered it stupid, but in the midst of an outbreak of coronavirus, suddenly it no longer seemed far-fetched.

Obviously, you should not take it literally, but if the pandemic situation worsens, and millions of people run out of toilet paper, it is never known what desperate measures humanity will take to survive. In this context, people may become increasingly interested in how to make their homes and cars safer.

The Maruti Suzuki Gymni combat van is probably the cutest zombie apocalypse car you’ve ever seen. This tiny but heavy combat van built by the Indian company Holy Shift Garage for a local television show looked doomed to press before the guys saved it and breathed new life into it. Since the donor car Maruti Suzuki Omni (Indian version of Suzuki Every) did not even move and its engine did not start, the builders completely disassembled it and then began the transformation.

First, they replaced the inoperative production engine with a 1.0-liter four-cylinder engine, transmission and differential from Maruti Gypsy (Suzuki Jimny SJ40), upgraded the suspension, added a more durable rear axle and an oversized suspension. This was followed by large-scale body modifications, which included the removal of rear windows, the addition of a powerful external frame and roof rack, as well as Maxxis Trepador off-road tires.

The guys also added a second roof rack for transporting a motorcycle, a huge anti-slip shield and anti-slip plate, as well as 6 auxiliary lights in front and an LED strip in the back. They completed all this with an individual body color and a new name for Gymni: this is a combination of Gypsy and Omni, two vehicles that donated the necessary details to make the combat van a reality.