Independent designer presented a car for every occasion Volvo Experience

Independent designer presented a car for every occasion Volvo Experience

February 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Rendered by former Volvo Studio trainee Kevin Goldwasser. As a basis for his project, he took the concept of general mobility, which has recently become more and more popular.

The Volvo Experience is a versatile vehicle for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. This idea was followed by Kevin Goldwasser, who created a series of interesting renders. According to him, he created a car suitable for any situation. It doesn’t matter where you are going or for what purpose.

Today, many projects affecting the concept of general mobility, one way or another, are developed around environmental problems or traffic jams. The creator of the Volvo Experience has decided to take a different path: he has developed a versatile alternative suitable for everything from mountain biking to surfing. To do this, the internal configuration of the car is adjusted for a specific type of activity. Not without external superstructures. For example, a camping roof.

Such cars, according to the author of the renders, should be distributed according to the principle of sharing. Every lover of outdoor activities and country trips could book such a car. The Volvo Experience design draws inspiration from the boxy shape of the Volvo 240 Estate. And the independent designer spied some exterior details from the Volvo P1800S Rocket.

The car receives an athletic shape, an original roof, a narrowed glass line, large wheels, a laconic front end with thin optics, massive L-shaped taillights and more.

In general, the idea of ​​a universal car for life is not new, but considering it from the point of view of general mobility is an interesting and promising solution. Such a concept could resonate with automakers and their customers.

Previously, the renders showed the Volvo Krigare coupe. Note that such a car is the imagination of one of the designers, and Volvo does not know about it. Nevertheless, the design of the car looks gorgeous – such a car will definitely not get lost on the roads.