Increased Porsche brand share in Rimac

Increased Porsche brand share in Rimac

September 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Currently, Porsche has owned ten percent of the Croatian company Rimac Automobili since the middle of last year. Now the automaker has acquired another 5.5% to make the partnership even better.

The company was founded back in 2009 with the filing of Mate Rimarck. It produces some of the components of a car and even produces its own batteries for electric cars.

The latest brainchild of a company from Croatia was the electric car C_Two, which was demonstrated last year in Geneva. At the moment, four electric motors for 1972 horsepower are installed on the car. The model can reach speeds of 412 km / h.

Marte Rimac himself states that he seeks to develop even closer cooperation with Porsche. He emphasized that in the course of the partnership various ideas constantly arise, the implementation of which will be implemented in the future.

Rimac is located in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. The company employs more than five hundred people who assemble batteries and create new functional systems. At the moment, the development of the electric car is already being completed and from next year it will be delivered to customers.