In Zandvoort want to transfer fans to bicycles

In Zandvoort want to transfer fans to bicycles

October 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The organizers of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, which is due to take place in 2020 on the first weekend of May, solving logistics problems, expect that about a third of the fans will come to the race track in Zandvoort by bicycle.

It is estimated that in the three days of the race weekend, about 300 thousand people will visit the racetrack, and the organizers want to ensure that one hundred thousand of them use two-wheeled vehicles.

For this purpose, special bicycle parking will be built, on which 32,400 places for bicycles are provided. In addition, at a distance of up to 15 km from the race track, it is planned to organize parking for cars, where fans should change their bikes – the Grand Prix organizers plan to rent 30 thousand units of this type of transport.

An important role in the logistics scheme should play rail. According to preliminary plans, 31% of the 105 thousand spectators will daily arrive by train on the circuit, for which the throughput of the railway leading to Zandvoort should be increased.

The final version of the logistics organization plan will be ready by December, after which the local authorities must either approve it or make their own adjustments.