In Williams deny rumors about the causes of the problems of the team

In Williams deny rumors about the causes of the problems of the team

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Williams do not rush to explain why they could not start the tests on time, however, Deputy Team Leader Claire Williams denied rumors that this was related to suppliers or economic problems.

“There are a lot of different stories about what could have caused the delay, and those that I read mentioned difficulties with external suppliers,” commented Williams. – This is not true. As well as the fact that we are in a difficult financial situation, and this allegedly affects the process of building a car.

I believe, sometimes we believe that the team is simply obliged to bring one car to the tests, and prepare two for the races, considering this to be a matter of course. But Williams is still developing and building their cars completely independently. The machine consists of approximately 22 thousand parts, which we must design, produce, assemble, crash test, etc.

All this is tremendous work, and we just did not have time to complete it in time for a number of reasons. We have already dealt with their analysis, but it will probably take several weeks to fully understand everything, and this must be done properly, otherwise we will not be able to correctly draw up a training program for the next season.

Therefore, you need to act without haste, to make sure that nothing is left out of attention – this will ensure that next year we will do everything right.”