In Volkswagen the first reshuffle took place after a new scandal

In Volkswagen the first reshuffle took place after a new scandal

January 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews


After it became known about the experiments on humans and animals, the head of external relations was dismissed.

The German automobile concern has reacted to the scandal associated with funding research on the effects of nitrogen dioxide on human and animal health. A consequence of this was a temporary suspension from the work of Volkswagen’s Director for External Relations Thomas Steg.

According to the official press-service of the concern, the removal of Thomas Steg will continue until the end of the investigation of another scandal, which arose because of diesel engines. It is known that his duties will be temporarily performed by Deputy Jens Hanefeld.

“Thomas Steg took full responsibility, and I respect that,” said Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller, commenting on the removal of the top manager.

Recall earlier it became known that several German automakers – VW, Daimler and BMW – funded a study that allowed to assess the impact of diesel engine emissions on human health. A little earlier Volkswagen was caught in conducting similar tests on monkeys.

Later in the media there were reports that the German authorities had sharply criticized the automakers. Their actions were condemned by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, government official Steffen Seibert, and Transport Minister Christian Schmidt.