In Volkswagen decided on the date of the start of sales of electric vehicles ID

In Volkswagen decided on the date of the start of sales of electric vehicles ID

May 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Dealers of the German mark will begin to place orders for the long-awaited novelty already next week. But the debut of Volkswagen ID will take place only in September – until the Frankfurt Motor Show, the exterior of the serial electric car will remain a secret.

Volkswagen announced the start date of sales of its new hatchback, created on the MEB modular electric platform. Pre-orders for Volkswagen ID official dealers of the German brand will begin to take May 8. The novelty gets an electric motor mounted on the rear axle. Such an “architecture” allowed the car to be made smaller: its length was reduced to 4.1 meters, while the cabin capacity did not suffer. Any technical details about the new product, as well as its appearance, are still kept secret.

It turns out that those who wish to purchase an electric car will place an order, possessing minimal data about it. The debut models are organized after the start of pre-order – in the framework of the September motor show in Frankfurt.

But the prices for a novelty have long been “declassified.” According to specialized media, the minimum price tag for an electric Volkswagen I.D. set at around 29,900 euros. On one charge, such a car can travel up to 305 kilometers. However, eletkrokhetch will be the first to enter the market with a range of 450 kilometers. It was estimated at 35 thousand euros. “Senior” equipment Volkswagen I.D. with a power reserve of up to 600 kilometers will receive a price tag of 40 thousand euros.

In the company itself, they note that with each Volkswagen I.D sold they will lose about three thousand euros. Such a picture today is not uncommon. For example, losses from each Chevrolet Volt sold are estimated at 9 thousand dollars. In such cases, automakers expect to make a profit in the future.