In Tokyo, the court confirmed the validity of the arrest of Carlos Ghosn

In Tokyo, the court confirmed the validity of the arrest of Carlos Ghosn

April 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Tokyo, the court confirmed the legality of the new arrest of former Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi car alliance leader Carlos Ghosn. In custody, the 64-year-old top manager will stay until April 14, reports TASS. Until that time, Ghosnwill be formally charged. Now top managers are suspected of violating the law on conducting corporate activities. Ghosn’s defense will appeal the decision.

This is the fourth arrest of Carlos Ghosn from November 2018. Total former top manager spent in custody for 108 days. Japanese police suspect him of tax evasion. According to her, for this, he deliberately distorted information about the size of their own payments. Investigators began investigating a top manager after reports from an anonymous informant inside the auto concern.

At the end of March, the 65-year-old Ghosn was released from prison on bail. He was forbidden to leave Japan, as well as use a mobile phone. In addition, any contact with people related to Nissan is prohibited. At the same time, Ghosn was allowed to use a computer, but only on weekdays and in the office of his lawyer. However, in April, the Tokyo prosecutor’s office again arrested the former head of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn.

“I keep fighting, I’m innocent, it’s hard,” he said in an interview. “I asked the French authorities to protect me in order to preserve my rights as a citizen who was in an unthinkable position abroad,” said Ghosn in an interview with LCI.

Carlos Ghosn was dismissed from the post of chairman of the board of directors of Nissan Motor Co. November 22. Later, the leadership of the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi also decided to dismiss Carlos Ghosn from the post of chairman of the board of directors. Finally, on January 23, it became known that Ghosn left the post of general director of Renault. In addition, the French concern decided not to pay Carlos Ghosn compensation for his dismissal.