In the Web were photos of the dashboard of the new Land Rover Defender

In the Web were photos of the dashboard of the new Land Rover Defender

June 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is noteworthy that the published photo of the dashboard of the long-awaited and completely new generation of Land Rover Defender SUV captures the side profile of this car.

A couple of minutes ago, on the Internet there was a photo of the dashboard of the new generation of the British Land Rover Defender SUV. In the picture was shown a version of the model with a long wheelbase and four doors, as well as a spare wheel, which is installed in the rear of the car.

In the world of lush SUVs, it’s nice to see that the new Defender will remain as square as ever. This certainly looks promising from what we can see, and reminds us of the 2011 DC100 concept. That car received a classic shape with modern touches in order to please everyone. The white roof seems to include a glass panel at the back, and a thick “floating” C-pillar is divided in half by a contour of the rear door.

A closer look at the front wing shows a vertical vent, although we will have to wait and see if it really works or is it just for decoration. There is a slight bulge of the hood, black caps of the side mirrors and the classic design of the wheels with five spokes.

This four-door version of the SUV is just one of many body options that Land Rover has prepared for the new Defender. It is also planned to release a shorter two-door version of the model, as well as, possibly, a pickup.

According to the latest data, the premiere of the new Land Rover Defender will be held in September, presumably at the Frankfurt Motor Show.