In the USA, for a small fee, you can drive a car in a tank

In the USA, for a small fee, you can drive a car in a tank

October 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In New York, at the Monticello Motor Club, guests had the opportunity to drive a tank in a car, and for a fee they can be controlled independently. The tank in its capacity is designed for eight people.

Participants of the ride sit on the British tank Chieftain, developing a capacity of 760 horsepower. It was produced between 1965-1983. Instead of a tower with a cannon, 2 rows of racing seats were installed, 4 in each row. This is designed to accommodate more people so that they spend time in a fun company.

 Before the start of the trip, a detailed safety briefing is carried out, and during the attraction the employee will be nearby. Under the supervision of a worker, you can control the tank until there is no more living space left from the car. The machines are provided to the organizers, though it is not known whether a particular model can be made.

As indicated, the cost of the attraction per person will be $ 25 per passenger. To manage the tank yourself have to pay 799 dollars