In the USA, a ban was introduced on the construction of gas stations

In the USA, a ban was introduced on the construction of gas stations

March 8, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

In an effort to become completely carbon-neutral, one of the Californian cities has banned the construction of new gas stations and the addition of dispensers at existing ones.

The city of Petaluma, California, in Sonoma County, about 60 km north of San Francisco, has approved a ban on the construction of new gas stations. The first city in the United States to ban the expansion of gas stations, especially those associated with large retail chains, also prohibits the installation of new dispensers on existing ones.

Local media outlets note that the city council voted unanimously to pass a measure that would immediately put the ban into effect. This ruling, which has no opposition, is said to be widely accepted and supported by residents. The city of Petaluma has a population of 61,000 and currently has 16 filling stations.

The city’s stringent efforts to minimize dependence on fossil fuels are aimed at making it easier for current gas stations to install electric car chargers. In addition to charging points, they will be able to build refueling stations with other alternative energy sources such as hydrogen.

It remains to be seen whether other cities across the country will follow Petaluma’s example. However, with more cities moving towards a plan for ubiquitous electrification of transport, it is likely that more states in the US will take similar measures in the coming years.