In the US, they offered to give part of the fine to police informants

In the US, they offered to give part of the fine to police informants

November 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The bill encourages more active reporting of rule violations

New York authorities have developed a bill that proposes to pay part of the fine for violating parking rules to the one who reported it to the police and attached a photo.

After two years of regular appeals to the New York City Police Department with a request to put things in order with parking lots, members of the metropolitan city council came up with a new tactic to deal with violators – to pay money to those who report stopping and parking on bicycle and bus lanes, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. In order not to allocate a separate budget for this, the authorities suggested giving part of the fine to police informants. According to the draft law, the person who reported a parking violation will receive 25 percent of the fine for each episode recorded – about $ 44. The rest of the fine will go, as before, to the city treasury.

The bill simultaneously increases the fine for parking violations from the current $ 115 to $ 175. The City Council of New York has high hopes for this law: the authorities are confident that material payments will stimulate residents of the metropolis to more actively photograph the cars of violators and send pictures to the police. A similar bill is already in force in New York for cars parked with the engine running. In the event that such a practice is approved by a majority vote of the City Council members, the authorities will need to develop rules for fixing violations.