In the US, there are motorcycles in 8% of households

In the US, there are motorcycles in 8% of households

February 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the US, motorcycle sales continue to fall, but the number of households owning at least one motorcycle is growing. The Motor Industry Industry Council (MIC) reports that 8% of American families own motorcycles — the results for 2018 showed. It is worth noting immediately that this is the best indicator in the entire history.

In 2014, it was 6.94%, that is, in a few years there was a significant jump.

In 2018, the number of households with motorcycles was 10,124,400. In total, there are 126,224,000 households in the United States, that is, 8.02% have motorcycles.

“This statistic has always been extremely important,” said Tim Bach, president of MIC. – Of course, we are glad that many have motorcycles. Owners tell friends and neighbors, inspiring them to buy motorcycles. ”

The number of motorcycle owners in the United States has reached a record number, with 13,158,100 motorcycles in their garages. Since 2014, the number of motorcycles has increased by 2.5 million units. Good trend, given the 11,704,500 motorcycles in 2009.

Most motorcycles ride. In 2018, 12,231,000 motorcycles appeared on the country’s roads, which is 2 million more than in 2014.

All these figures speak about the growth of the secondary motorcycle market in the US, as sales of new motorcycles fall!

On average, every motorcycle household in the United States owns 1.3 motorcycles, which is slightly more than 1.23 in 2014, but less than 1.53 in 2009. According to statistics, most motorcycles are in working condition, namely 93% – slightly less than 96.1% in 2014.