In the US the project of 1370-hp hypercar SSC Tuatara revived

In the US the project of 1370-hp hypercar SSC Tuatara revived

January 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

SSC North America, formerly known as Shelby Supercars, has published a teaser of a sports car that is due to appear this year. There are no details about the car, but judging from the image, the manufacturer is preparing to launch the Tuatara project, the information about which was last published five years ago.

In 2013, it became known that the American firm completed the engine test for the hypercar Tuatara. The model was planned to be equipped with a 6.9-liter eight-cylinder engine with two turbines, capable of delivering from 1370 to 1700 (with the use of racing fuel) horsepower.

From zero to 96 kilometers per hour, this car should be accelerated in 2.5 seconds. The calculated maximum speed is 442 kilometers per hour. At that time it was planned that hypercar will become the most powerful and fastest serial car in the world.

Coupe SSC Tuatara was first shown in 2011 at the motor show in Shanghai. In the same year at the motor show in Dubai showed the interior of the car. Ten orders for the model were received immediately. Its cost should be about a million dollars.

Initially, it was assumed that Tuatara will appear in the series in 2015, but then the launch of the model was postponed to 2016. After that, there was no information about the project.