In the US, the plane crashed into the Tesla Model X

In the US, the plane crashed into the Tesla Model X

September 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the American city of Houston (Texas) there was an unusual accident. The light-engine Cessna aircraft, which belongs to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), because of a technical malfunction, made an emergency landing on the roadway of this settlement, Business Insider reports.

During the landing, the aircraft touched the power line and rammed the Tesla Model X electric crossover passing along the motorway. Also in an unusual traffic accident, the Toyota Corolla station wagon was damaged. According to the representative of local law enforcement bodies, there are no victims or victims as a result of the incident.

“Imagine that you are just driving along the road and suddenly the plane crashes into the car. From such a heart can completely stop, “the local sheriff said.

“The Lord and this car saved us today. Not a single scratch. Nobody believed me when I called and said that the plane crashed into us. All people thought it was a joke. Even my wife laughed at me first. However, I was not at all funny, at that moment my whole life flashed before my eyes, “wrote the owner of the electric crossover, Oniel Kouroup, in his Facebook.

The head of Tesla Elon Musk also responded to the incident on his Twitter. “Wow, I’m glad they’re okay,” says his message.

The first crossover in the history of Tesla called Model X was introduced on September 30, 2015. The car got the doors opening upwards, the best power reserve without recharging among electric crossovers and a powerful power unit with two motors. On the dynamic characteristics of the novelty surpassed all classmates. The car can seat seven passengers and, when fully loaded, can still tow a trailer weighing up to 2,300 kilograms.