In the United States showed the Vision Mercedes Simplex retro roadster

In the United States showed the Vision Mercedes Simplex retro roadster

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Vision Mercedes Simplex is shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show as a way to symbolize the transition to a new era of design and technology.

The first time information about Simplex appeared in September, but now there is the opportunity to see it in more detail. The basis for the model was the Mercedes 35 PS, shown in the spring of ancient 1901. At the racing week in Nice in 2019, the 35 PS model was created by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, which created interest unlike the rest of the vehicles at the event.

the model has come to a new time in machine design, and the Vision Mercedes Simplex is very much like that icon. Especially, the concept that uses battery power received independent wheels and demonstrates a two-seater model with a completely open cab. Most of the front of the car uses a grille adorned with pink gold with the Mercedes signature digitally overlaid. The concept has absolutely no windshield and headlights.

“Only a well-known company such as Mercedes-Benz can go for the physical connection of the past and the future. Vision Mercedes Simplex represents a change in the wealth of Mercedes-Benz, individual to the company, ”said Gorden Wagener.

The dashboard also got a traditional look. The company allocated an important place to the fine details of the premium interior with a fashionable seat enhanced by Chesterfield fabric. Minimalism has become the basis for a set of instruments used the color of pink gold.