In the United States for the first time printed a 3D titanium wheels HRE3D+

In the United States for the first time printed a 3D titanium wheels HRE3D+

November 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The experimental discs are called HRE3D +

American disc manufacturer HRE Wheels and the company GE Additive, specializing in the production of industrial 3D-printers and equipment for additive capacity, introduced the world’s first printed titanium wheels. They consist of five sections, fixed on a carbon fiber rim. The dimensions of the experimental wheels are 20 and 21 inches.

To create discs, called HRE3D +, used two printers Arcam EBM. They work on the technology of electron beam melting (Electron Beam Melting) – they create the final part from titanium powder, which is melted in a vacuum chamber according to a pattern specified in the program. This solution allows us to achieve a more efficient use of raw materials, and the parts obtained do not require subsequent thermal processing and are comparable in strength to forged products.

When creating wheels from a single block of aluminum, the waste is about 80 percent. In the case of the method of electron beam melting, this figure is only five percent.

Parts from a 3D printer are processed on CNC machines, manually polished and cleaned from excess powder and oils. The wheels are also assembled manually: five sections are attached to the carbon rim with the help of titanium bolts. According to the engineers at HRE Wheels, something like this cannot be created using traditional production methods.

In the summer, the German company ABT Sportsline presented a limited series of rims for the Audi RS5 coupe and RS4 Avant station wagon. They are called ABT Aerowheel and aerodynamic shield of carbon fiber. The price of the kit was 11,690 euros.