In the United States came up with its Nürburgring, free and with restaurants

In the United States came up with its Nürburgring, free and with restaurants

June 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American equivalent of the famous route was named after the main local dish.

In Indiana, an analogue of the German “Green Hell” was discovered: members of the Indi car club laid a route through the hills and roads, almost exactly repeating the Nürburgring.

The American version turned out to be much longer than the original, and there were cafes scattered throughout the route, in which they prepared a “schweinefilet” – specially cooked pork. The track was named in honor of this very dish – Schweinefiletring. Its length is more than 280 kilometers, while the length of the German Nürburgring is only 20.8 kilometers. Unlike the original, by Schweinefiletring you can travel completely free of charge and at any time, since the route is laid on public roads.

Phil Wehman, one of the “authors” of the American equivalent of the Green Hell, told The Drive how he managed to create this route. “I once discovered Google Earth in search of a scenic car route, and noticed that a bunch of trails in Indiana look like a North Loop on maps,” – recalls Wehman. “For example, one of the stretches passes through a picturesque forest, and on it there are sharp turns and elevation changes, just like on the North Loop.”

With all the advantages of Schweinefiletring, it has one major drawback: on this route you cannot set the lap time, as at the Nürburgring, because the participants of the race must follow the rules of the road.