In the network were pictures from the tests of the new Audi RS Q4

In the network were pictures from the tests of the new Audi RS Q4

February 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists first came across a test prototype of the high-performance Audi RS Q4 crossover.

The guys from the sports division of Audi Sport made it clear that they want to significantly expand the number of cars already available in their model range with the RS prefix. This process has already begun, if we take into account the powerful RS5 Sportback, released last year. The focus is on increasing the number of RS-versions of crossovers (RS Q5 and RS Q8). We will not be too surprised if RS Q7 also appears, and today we can offer you the first series of “spy” pictures, which depict the Audi RS Q4.

Despite the fact that the usual version of the Q4 crossover has not yet been presented, the guys from Audi Sport are already testing the more “hot» RS Q4.

Despite the fact that the prototype is almost completely covered with camouflage film, we can assume that its body is painted in a shade of “lime green” (the rims are slightly ajar).

Take a look at the back of the test car Audi, there are dual oval exhaust pipes – this is clear evidence that this is not the usual Q4. Front bumper with massive air intakes, as well as powerful brakes with front calipers, adorned with the logo “Audi Sport” – these are more facts.

Like the RS Q3, which we noticed at the beginning of the year, the RS Q4 will be equipped with a 2.5-liter in-line turbocharged engine. It will get a little more power than the RS3 and TT RS models – an estimated 414 horsepower is expected.

Well, in the meantime, on a recently published video, they showed us how an electric Audi e-tron is going up the mountain road.