In the network appeared a patent for the folding steering wheel from Ford

In the network appeared a patent for the folding steering wheel from Ford

June 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The American concern patented a new technology that allows the steering wheel to be used as a stand for a laptop. So, now Ford cars can get a folding steering wheel system.

Automobile brands are constantly inventing new technologies. Some are revolutionary, in their scale, others become an interesting, but rare option. However, all new inventions somehow lead to the development and improvement of cars.

The American concern Ford the day before has patented new technology of a developing steering wheel. Many would have expected that the way to remove the steering wheel when the autopilot of the fourth and fifth level was included was finally invented. However, everything is much more prosaic. So, the engineers of the company have thought up how to make a steering wheel, transforming into a convenient table for a laptop.

As noted by automotive experts – the only application of this technology is to do the work or favorite game on the laptop in a long traffic jam. Undoubtedly, those people who have ever had to work with a laptop in a car, especially in a driver’s seat, will not be at all funny, and they will be pleasantly surprised by new opportunities.

For sure, the company will soon begin to equip its cars with such rudders. But most likely, they will be offered exclusively as an option.

This is a good way to spend time in a traffic jam – the developers of the folding steering wheel. And the transformation takes place by tilting the upper part of the rudder to the dashboard. This in turn creates a comfortable surface for installing the laptop and makes it possible to conveniently work with it. Naturally, the system will allow transformation only in a standing position. When driving, in any case, intelligent systems will not allow the driver to be distracted from the road.

When the new technology comes out in the series is still unknown, in fact, the cost of such a steering wheel remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, Ford is preparing to release a new generation of crossover Kuga, which will appear in 2020 and is likely to receive a hybrid system and a completely new platform, and now the network has become available spy photos.