In the lineup of Toyota appeared sporty Hilux GR Sport Truck

In the lineup of Toyota appeared sporty Hilux GR Sport Truck

November 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the auto show in Brazil, Sao Paulo debuted the special version of the pickup truck Hilux and hatchback Yaris. On the market new items will be released early next year.

In 2017, the sports division of Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) was assigned the status of a global sub-brand. Gradually, the company brings cars with such a logo outside of Japan: “charged” cars are already available in Europe, Brazil is next. And in the Brazilian market, the firstborn GR will not be the usual “passenger car” (in the Old World sell the “hot” compact Yaris), but the pickup truck Hilux.

The premiere of the “sports” truck, which received the GR-S prefix for the title, took place at the motor show in Sao Paulo. The new Hilux differs from the standard grille, painted in a black hood and roof, 17-inch wheels of the original design and the presence of protective overlays on the wheel arches. In addition, the Hilux GR-S reconfigured suspension. In the cabin – maroon inlays and stitching. But the engine “sports” pickup got from the standard model – this is a 2.8 turbo diesel with a capacity of 177 hp An ordinary truck with this engine is offered with manual or automatic transmission, the drive – rear or full.

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In Brazil, sales of Toyota Hilux GR-S will start early next year, the circulation of the new version is limited to 420 copies. However, then the “sports” truck will most likely appear in other countries of South America.

Another new Toyota at the São Paulo Motor Show is the “charged” Yaris GR-S hatchback. Note that in the South American and some Asian markets a completely different Yaris is sold, not the same as in Europe. The Brazilian hatch with the GR-S badge has a lowered suspension and a new exhaust system. Also, the model acquired other bumpers, a carbon-fiber spoiler was installed on the trunk door, lining appeared on the thresholds. On the Yaris GR-S engine in Toyota was kept silent, apparently, this information was considered unimportant, because they do not plan to send a sports hatchback to the series. The standard hatch in Brazil is available with 1.3-bit four-cylinder engines (94 hp on petrol and 101 hp on ethanol) and 1.5 (105/110 hp), both paired with manual transmission or CVT.

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Also at the exhibition showed a cross-version of Yaris, it was called the X-Way. This option will be on the conveyor, the start of sales is scheduled for February 2019. Differences from the usual model – black lining on the wheel arches, made in the same color moldings on the doors and wheels, silver roof rails. The suspension of the “crossover” did not touch – as in the standard hatchback, the ground clearance of the new version is 150 mm. Toyota Yaris X-Way will be offered to Brazilians with a top engine 1.5.

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