In the infrared spectrum they shot how cars of different colors are heated in the sun

In the infrared spectrum they shot how cars of different colors are heated in the sun

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Light cars, as it turned out, absorb heat almost as well as black

Bloggers using a thermal camera have clearly demonstrated how strongly cars of different colors heat up in the sun.

Dark colors absorb heat more and this is clearly seen in the picture from the Flir thermal camera. The authors of the YouTube channel MikesCarInfo put several Toyota Highlander SUVs of different colors in the sun and photographed in the infrared spectrum how each of them heats up.

The black SUV warmed up to the maximum temperature of 70.5 degrees Celsius among all cars. White expectedly warmed up to the lowest temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

Black and white colors were not surprised by such indicators, however, there are several cars on the video that showed rather unexpected results. For example, the Gray Highlander has warmed up to almost the same temperature as black – 63 degrees Celsius.

The silver has a better result: its temperature was 54 degrees. But it still warmed up more strongly than white, despite the fact that both gray and silver SUVs are quite light.

In July, meteorologists from the US state of Nebraska decided to clearly explain why children and animals should not be left in a parked car. They parked the car in the sun and placed a baking sheet with cookie dough under the windshield.

It took only an hour for the baking sheet to reach 79 degrees Celsius, and the dough began to rise. After eight hours, the cookies were ready, the peak temperature of the tray e at this time reached 85 degrees Celsius.