In the Formula-1 winter break may appear

In the Formula-1 winter break may appear

November 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Portal Wheels 24 reports that the F-1 may enter the winter break, during which the command bases will be closed.

The technical group discussed this initiative during the passage of the Grand Prix of Brazil, writes a source. The principle will be the same as in the summer – for some time the teams will be forbidden to work with machines and engage in the production of parts. And if in the summer period “holidays” take two weeks, in the winter they will take nine days – from December 24 to January 1.

The teams met in the Sport Working Group to discuss this issue. Now he, for sure, will be sent to the Strategic Group for discussion.

In order for the new regulations to take effect, the consent of all the teams is necessary, then it will be included in the next season.

Recall that every year in the summer for two weeks, any activity of team members, consultants and those who are in any way related to development and production is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the wind tunnel, CFD, the manufacture of parts, their assembly and assembly of cars.

Meanwhile, the stewards attracted Masks Verstappen for a showdown with Okon after a small accident on the track.