In the footsteps of the Dieselgate: Audi recalls 127 thousand cars

In the footsteps of the Dieselgate: Audi recalls 127 thousand cars

January 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

2017 Audi Q7

Under the new revitalized campaign, many Audi models come in: A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, SQ5 and Q7.

According to the guidance of the KBA regulator, the German automaker Audi recalls 127,000 diesel vehicles. The reason is called the use of software that allows you to bypass restrictions on emissions of harmful substances established by the Euro-6 standard.

The Federal Office for Motor Vehicle Inspectorate (KBA) issued a directive to the company in a timely manner to update the turbodiesel control unit V6 TDI in vehicles already sold. Of the total number of recalled vehicles, 77,000 were sold in Germany itself. The rest is distributed around the world.

The press service of the company hastened to state that the recall is scheduled. It was the result of cooperation with the German authorities dealing with Dieselgate. Together with them, the manufacturer closely monitors all the concepts of turbodiesels regarding possible violations and subsequent modernization.

Recall that the parent company Volkswagen Group one and a half years ago was accused of manipulating the level of harmful emissions of diesel engines V6 TDI in the US. She agreed to billions in payments to US owners and authorities, as well as recall of machines for updating engine software.