In the film VENOM Tom Hardy went to the Ducati Scrambler

In the film VENOM Tom Hardy went to the Ducati Scrambler

October 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Just last week, the long-awaited fantastic film Venom from Marvel made its debut. And despite the large amount of criticism from the experts – the audience liked it. But we noticed one detail – Tom Hardy (the main character) went to the Ducati Scrambler.

Subjected to criticism of experts, and beloved by the general public a new film from the studio Marvel – Venom – was released last week. And apparently, the expectations of critics are not justified and fiction will earn quite a lot of money. But despite the very history of the main enemy of Spider-Man, we want to talk about something else.

As with any other Hollywood blockbuster, there is also advertising integration in the Venom movie. And since we are a publication about cars and motorcycles, we’ll tell you about it. The main character in the person of Tom Hardy and heaps of stuntmen used two cool motorcycles as their own vehicle.

For example, the film showed the not yet released Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle and Scrambler 1100 Special models. Both models are close to the serial version, but still have their own features.

Ducati CEO Jason Chinnock commented, “In the Venom film, we were able to integrate our new product in the Scrambler line. And we hope that our customers will enjoy the motorcycles and the audience of the film liked the scenes with Venom on it. ”

Apparently, Ducati has concluded a full-fledged contract for the entire Venom franchise. The new Scrambler Full Throttle and Scrambler 1100 Special models are already being sold on special Venom sites.

Recall that the Scrambler Full Throttle is the most compact model of the company Ducati. The design is fully consistent with the spirit of classic motorcycles, continuing the long history of the model, which has more than 50 years. As a power unit used engine with a displacement of 0.8 liters, capable of developing up to 75 horsepower.