In the FIA ​​will tighten control of fuel consumption

In the FIA ​​will tighten control of fuel consumption

February 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last week, the FIA ​​technical delegate Nicholas Tombasis sent a letter to the teams, informing them about the measures that allow them to more accurately determine the amount of fuel consumed, and assess whether these figures match the information obtained from the control sensors installed in the car.

In a letter to Tombasis, which turned out to be at the disposal of the Racefans, in general terms are described the steps that the FIA ​​will take to guarantee compliance with the regulations. Now two hours before the start of the race, the teams are required to report how much fuel is charged in each car with the expectation of going to the starting field, the warm-up lap, the distance of the race and the round of return to the pits after the finish.

From 2019, the FIA ​​will carry out the weighing of machines not only after the finish, but also before the start. Before the start of the race, choosing several cars, the FIA ​​will require the team to “drain” the fuel from the car, turning on the fuel pumps during this procedure.

The machine will be weighed before and after emptying the tank. The extracted fuel will then be poured back into the car, after which the fuel hatches will be sealed to prevent the amount of fuel from changing. A similar check can be made after the finish.

The difference in weight of the fuel before the start and after the finish in the FIA ​​will be considered the actual fuel consumption in the race. These figures will be compared with the readings of flow sensors installed in the machines. The amount of fuel poured into the car before the start will be determined by one of the parameters – or according to the results of selective measurements of the FIA, or according to the data provided by the team.
Nicholas Tombasis listed the conditions under which the actions of teams may be deemed inappropriate to the regulations:

  •     If the procedure for pumping fuel is different from the stated and documented process. The team must inform the FIA ​​in advance;
  •     If a significant amount of fuel is found in the car after the procedure of pumping it out using the above procedure;
  •     If the team is unable to declare the amount of fuel two hours before the opening of the pit lane, or the amount of declared fuel is significantly different from the one that was found during the random inspection;
  •     If a comparison of fuel consumption sensor performance and the measured amount of fuel indicates that the first value is less than the second;
  •     If the mass of fuel used for the race, determined by comparing the weight of the car, exceeds 110 kg;
  •     If software checks and / or data analysis show significant differences in expenditure between qualifications and race.