In the FIA ​​waiting for an increase in the number of overtaking up to 50%

In the FIA ​​waiting for an increase in the number of overtaking up to 50%

April 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

One of the most notable changes in the technical regulations of 2019 was the simplification of the design of the front wing – for the sake of increasing the number of overtaking. According to the calculations of the FIA, due to the new regulations, the number of overtakings will increase by 10-50%, depending on the route, compared to 2018.

“We paid attention to the decrease in the number of overtaking from season to season and in developing the regulations for the season of 2019, we tried to change this trend,” says FIA technical delegate Nicholas Tombasis. “Judging by the reviews of some teams, we have taken a step in the right direction.”

The past race in Bahrain really turned out to be rich in overtaking, but at the first stage of the season in Melbourne, the situation differed little from last year. According to Tombasis, for the FIA ​​it did not come as a surprise: “We didn’t count on this, since the configuration of the route in Australia does not in itself contribute to overtaking.

Calculations showed that on some routes, the number of overtakings will increase by 10%, provided that the situation in the race will develop according to the usual scenario. However, in other races, according to our calculations, the number of overtakings will increase more significantly, possibly up to 50% compared with last year. As far as the calculations correspond to reality, we will know in the course of the season. We did not expect miracles in Australia, but we look forward to future progress.

In developing the regulations we were not particularly worried about whether the machines would become faster or slower. The goal was to make the struggle on the track more dense, so that the race should become more interesting. If the cars were 20 seconds slower, then there would be a different story, but the teams constantly modernize the cars, so the speed would remain at last year’s level. ”