In the FIA ​​published the rules for 2020

In the FIA ​​published the rules for 2020

May 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

April 30 on the official website of the FIA ​​published a preliminary version of the sports and technical regulations of the Formula 1 for the season of 2020. There are very few changes compared to this season.

Firstly, the regulations have the same qualification format in three parts.

Secondly, the curfew regime has changed, during which teams cannot work with machines. From 2020 to Thursdays and Fridays, it will begin twelve hours before the start of the first and third workouts, respectively, and its duration is nine hours, not eight, as in 2019.

In the list of parts that teams should develop independently, added air ducts brakes. This means that from next year, teams will not be able to buy this node, such as Haas from Ferrari.

The technical regulations specify the dimensions of the rear-view mirrors and their location on the car. From 2020, the clutch can only be controlled using the stalk petals.

Other changes are associated with fuel and additional oil tanks. Now the teams are allowed to keep up to two liters of fuel outside the monocoque, but from 2020 this figure will be reduced to 0.25 liters and only if it is necessary for the normal functioning of the engine.

Starting next season, only one additional capacity for oil is allowed in the Formula 1 car, and its capacity together with the capacity of the engine tubes should not exceed 2.5 liters.