In the Ferrari disappointed with the results of the Australian Grand Prix

In the Ferrari disappointed with the results of the Australian Grand Prix

March 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Going to Australia, Ferrari hoped to fight for the victory, but could not even rise to the podium. The team promises to analyze the situation in order to avoid similar problems in Bahrain …

Sebastian Vettel (4th): “Throughout the weekend, we were not happy with the machine, but today the problems have become even more. The reason I drove so slowly in the race was mainly because the car lacked traction on the Medium tires, which we switched to after the pit stop.

The team earned a lot of points thanks to the fourth and fifth place, but this is not the result that we expected a few weeks ago. In the coming days we will carefully examine all the data in order to prepare for the next race. I am sure, after analyzing all the collected information, we better understand what happened, but today’s result was our maximum this weekend. “

Charles Leclaire (5th): “I had a good start – so much so that I was able to overtake Verstappen and get close to Sebastian, who fought with Mercedes – to avoid contact with him, I had to go to the grass at the exit of the first turn, and Max again beat ahead.

We decided to switch to Hard at the pit stop, the behavior of the car improved significantly, I was able to attack. In the end I caught up with Sebastian, but the team decided to keep the position, because we could not fight for getting into the top three. Now we have to work with the engineers to understand why we were not as strong as we had hoped. ”

Mattia Binotto, team leader: “Starting from Friday, we didn’t feel very comfortable on this route. We seriously worked with the settings, but did not find the right balance. In the qualification it was clear that we have great difficulties with adapting to the track in Albert Park. In the race in the first segment, we tried to maintain a high pace, but Charles made a small mistake and fell behind the leaders.

After the pit stop, Sebastian’s Medium car lacked traction, so he couldn’t attack those who drove ahead. When he could not keep Verstappen, we decided that now the main thing – to get to the finish line, controlling tire wear. When Charles caught up with him, it seemed right to avoid any risks.

We are leaving Australia with a lot of data that needs to be analyzed in order to return to our true level of competitiveness after two weeks in Bahrain. ”