In the driver’s license, the third gender will appear in another US state

In the driver’s license, the third gender will appear in another US state

November 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Colorado residents in the United States will be able to choose the “X” character from November 30 to indicate their gender on a driver’s license if they do not identify themselves with a male or female gender. This is reported by The Denver Post.

The state authorities are also considering the possibility of introducing a third gender certificate of birth. The changes preceded the decision of several courts in favor of the citizens of the state, who sought the right to change the gender specified in their official documents.

A local LGBT representative said that the decision would support individuals who do not identify themselves with men than women, and would reduce the discrimination of non-bigness persons with whom the latter encounter in cases where their documents do not meet their self-identification .

Driver’s license in the United States serves as a person’s identity card, comparable to the function of an internal passport in Ukraine. The presentation of a passport for identification of a person, for example, is required when purchasing alcohol, in certain situations, communication with officials, etc.

“It positively affects the identification of a person when their documents reflect their name and gender. They no longer have to fear being abandoned by an official, employee, or anyone else,” – said Daniel Ramos, chairman of One Colorado.

The states of California, Oregon, Minnesota and the Metropolitan area of ​​the United States in the United States also allow you to select “X” to indicate the gender of a driver.