In the desert, found a cargo of parts for racing Nissan, forgotten for 30 years

In the desert, found a cargo of parts for racing Nissan, forgotten for 30 years

August 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Parts for the Nissan 300ZX racing coupe can be purchased for $ 100,000

A shipment of parts belonging to the Clayton Cunningham Racing team was found in the United States. They spent nearly thirty years in three wagons parked in a parking lot in the desert.

The most notable find is a set of aerodynamic empennage for the Nissan 300 ZX racing coupe, which performed in the American IMSA series from 1989-1994. Moreover, this is not an ordinary car, but a car of the factory Nissan racing team.

The background of the find is as follows: in the late 80s, for the sake of marketing support for the new sports car 300 ZX, Nissan signed a contract with the Californian team Clayton Cunningham Racing. She was to design and build a racing coupe for the GTO category of the popular IMSA circuit championship. In this class, specially built “silhouettes” drove – cars on a spatial frame, outwardly resembling a production car.

Here’s what the Californian team came up with: chassis – a space frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel with double wishbones front and rear, wrapped in carbon fiber plumage of several large parts; a V6 turbo engine with a capacity of about 800 forces is shifted far beyond the front axle. The engine itself is designed on the basis of the serial VG30DETT engine, but did not have much in common with it.

It used modified serial block heads, but the cylinder block itself was specially made from aluminum (in the series it was cast iron), and all internal components were made specifically for sports. The gearbox was assembled in a standard case, but all the filling was racing, from the English company Hewland.

The team successfully coped with the task – it repeatedly won the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring and other IMSA stages, and in 1994 won the championship. In the same 1994 the team took part in and won the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans marathon in the GTS class.

From the paintwork and the names of the riders, it can be calculated that the parts were used during the 1994 season, which was the last for the Nissan team in the IMSA series. Then behind the wheel of Nissan at number 76 were Belgian Eric van de Poole, American Paul Gentilozzi and Japanese Shunji Kasuya.

However, the body kit is not the only find. In one of the trucks, there were matrices on which the plumage parts were glued out of carbon fiber. There were also propeller shafts, turbine parts, generators, VG30DETT turbo heads, manifolds, a damaged nose cone from the Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo prototype, and even a couple of racing suits.

The current owner of the cargo is ready to part with spare parts for 100 thousand dollars.