In the Czech Republic, cyclists were allowed to ride drunk

In the Czech Republic, cyclists were allowed to ride drunk

November 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Members of the upper chamber of the Czech parliament approved amendments to the law on road traffic. Cyclists are now allowed moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages behind the wheel.

The Senate amendment to the law on road traffic provides that cyclists will be able to ride on cycle paths and roads of the third class, even if their blood is 0.5 ppm of alcohol, as in Germany. The proposed limit corresponds to 200 ml of wine or a liter of beer drunk. In addition, it is planned to reduce the maximum fine for cyclists for breaking traffic rules from the current 20 thousand kroons (about 800 euros) to 500 kroons.

The purpose of the “alcoholic” amendment is to develop tourism and allow people to use bicycles and cycle paths to visit vineyards and wine cellars. The police will not be able to find fault with those cyclists who drive around the countryside with a bottle of beer, writes the Czech edition

“Do not think that this is the law for alcoholics. The amendment is made so that people are not subjected to harassment by the police, ”- protects the rate of its author, Senator Jiří Vosquetsky.

A doctor and senator Jaroslav Maly notes that the proposed dose of alcohol is “completely safe”, as the statistics show that road accidents associated with cyclists occur when the blood alcohol content is twice as high.

Such tolerance for cyclists exists, in particular, in Germany and Austria. In the south of Moravia, many bike paths smoothly move to the territory of Austria. And it may happen that the Austrian who drank a little wine in his country, moving the Czech border, will immediately become a lawbreaker.

Now amendments to the law are to be discussed by members of the government and members of parliament.