In the cross-line Honda addition: again twin, not everyone will get

In the cross-line Honda addition: again twin, not everyone will get

April 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new Japanese SUV brand will hit the market before the end of this year. However, the model will be available only in one country, and there she already has a twin – again from Honda.

The main premiere of Honda at the Shanghai Auto Show that opened today, April 16, was the X-NV electric crossover. The model made its debut in the status of a prototype, but it will be sent to the series later this year – it will not differ from the concept of a commercial SUV.

The SUV is not designed from scratch: this is the “green” version of the Vezel – this is how a model in other markets is known in China under the name HR-V. And more specifically, the electric car is based on the XR-V – twin Vezel / HR-V. The fact is that Honda has two joint ventures in the China – with the GAC concern and the Dongfeng company – they are essentially producing the same models, but under different names and with different designs. GAC Honda is responsible for the production of Vezel, and the XR-V assembly is set up with Dongfeng Honda facilities. Not confused? Further more interesting.

In the range of GAC Honda, there is already an electric crossover – VE-1, for which last year the sub-brand Everus was revived. As the shrewd reader guessed, this SUV is based on Vezel. So the “stuffing” of the X-NV went from the Everus VE-1: an electric motor with a return of 163 hp (280 Nm) and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 53.6 kW * h (installed under the passenger compartment floor). Drive for both electric cars only front. Power reserve – 340 km, however, it is calculated on the obsolete NEDC cycle.

The headlights and taillights of the X-NV are the same as those of the original Dongfeng Honda XR-V (the VE-1 has more optics). The front bumper is also the same, but instead of horizontal foglights, vertical daytime running lights framed by luminous horseshoes are embedded in it. The interior is still classified, but inside this electric car, like the VE-1, will repeat the crossover with the engine.

Outside China, neither X-NV nor Everus VE-1 will appear. Honda is preparing for the European market a completely different electric car – a compact hatchback with a design based on the Urban EV concept.

Meanwhile, in the China will soon present an updated petrol Honda XR-V. And, yes, unlike the HR-V, this crossover is also available only in China.

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