In Texas there was a hole that eating cars

In Texas there was a hole that eating cars

October 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

There is a legend: from time to time a failure appears somewhere on Earth, which feeds on “car victims”. Another evil phenomenon occurred in Houston, Texas.

This insidious failure lurked on the side of the road, on the side of the road, pretending to be a drainage pit. Due to its inconspicuousness and due to its fortunate position, the pit does not seem to have a shortage of victims.

This can be seen on the recording from the surveillance camera of one of the local residents: drivers constantly fall into the pit, getting stuck in it and not being able to get out on their own.

“It is very funny. I exult every time I see another car hit the pit, ”says the owner of the video camera, who took the side of evil.

In the first episode of the massacre of a car you can see how an electrician’s pickup truck leaving the parking lot near the house gets into a pit. The car sits on the bottom and can not move. Shocked by the heartbreaking sight, the second pickup truck moves backward in horror until it is out of sight.

Then a white van enters an ominous pit that just wanted to make a harmless reversal, as it has done many times in its life. But this time something went wrong. Immobilized, he froze in fear, unable to even think about further resistance.

In the third episode, Hyundai’s crossover pulls into the pit, which was carelessly driving in reverse and rejoiced on a warm sunny day. The car did not immediately understand what kind of trouble happened to him and tried to twitch, but got stuck even more. But the poor fellow was lucky: three brave people literally carried him in his arms from the treacherous failure. Quietly, on half-bent shock absorbers, in a half-dazzling state, the crossover crawled away from the edge of the devil’s failure. The pickup truck that was nearby and who had been watching all this horror turned white and seemed to have grown into the ground.

“Why do the authorities, knowing about the evil hiding on the side of the road, do not take any action? – question the locals who remained on the side of good. “It would be possible to install a metal grill over the pit and prevent further accidents.”

But, apparently, the influence of the pit, attracting more and more victims to it, is too great to fight with it openly.