In Slovakia, the video showed the first flight of a flying car AirCar

In Slovakia, the video showed the first flight of a flying car AirCar

October 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In Slovakia, the creator of the AirCar flying car took his development into the sky for the first time. This flight was filmed, showing the capabilities of an air vehicle.

In Slovakia, the inventor showed a car capable of climbing into the sky using a regular track. The enthusiast made a test flight, successfully completing two takeoffs and landing. A video has been published on the Internet that allows you to consider many of the details of the car’s design and look at its operation.

The car outwardly resembles sports supercars of the GT series. The car has a two-seater saloon and simple controls. As the creator said, anyone who has a license and a flight license can drive a car, both on the ground and in the air. AirCar is redesigned before taking off. The wings and tail unit extend from its body. This process takes three minutes. After the preparation is over, you can take off the flying car. To do this, he needs to accelerate. The distance of the roadway must be at least 300 meters. It rises into the sky using a 1.6-liter engine producing 140 horsepower.

The car weighs up to 1 ton, but it can carry another 200 kilograms of cargo. The flight speed is 200 km / h, and the maximum distance does not exceed 990 meters. Today AirCar has gone through several stages of revision. This is the fifth prototype in which the developer took into account all the previous mistakes. After completing the tests required to obtain a state license, the project will move to the stage of commercial sale. This development can be used as a taxi with advanced features. The sales of the first units will begin in 2021.