In Red Bull Racing waiting for the start of the season

In Red Bull Racing waiting for the start of the season

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Melbourne, Red Bull Racing racers expect to assess the balance of power and impose a fight rivals.

Max Verstappen: “I always gladly come to Australia – I am ready for the start of the season. This year it starts a week earlier, but the winter still seemed to me long.

Weekend in Melbourne always turns out to be interesting, because this is the first race of the season, no one imagines the balance of power after the change of regulations, and we also changed the supplier of engines.

In Albert Park, an interesting track is bumpy, with a lot of high-speed turns – it’s interesting to race there, if the car has a good balance. Overtaking is not easy – straight lines are not long enough for a slip stream, but you can always fight for a position.

On the tests, we were competitive in the long run and expect to start the season in good shape. I hope we will be quick from the beginning of the season. We have a great car, but the balance of power, we will be able to judge after the start of the season, when we understand, could we reduce the backlog of Ferrari and Mercedes “.

Pierre Goesley: “The race in Melbourne will be the first for me with the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing – I look forward to the start of the weekend. For me, this is only the second full season in Formula 1 – I have a lot to learn, so it will not be easy.

I will be speaking in Melbourne for the second time. Last year I liked this place – there is an amazing atmosphere. I do not know whether this is due to the fact that the first race of the season is taking place there, but in Melbourne everyone is very positive, everyone is looking forward to the start of the season, and in the pits you can feel the excitement.

All winter I was preparing for the first race, for the first season in a new team for me. It will be a special weekend – the first for me in the colors of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. ”