In Red Bull Racing satisfied with the results of the day

In Red Bull Racing satisfied with the results of the day

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the second Friday training session, Red Bull Racing racers lost only to Mercedes – and commented on the results of the day with satisfaction.

Max Verstappen (3rd): “I am pleased with today, the feelings are very positive. There is always something to add, we are not fast enough yet, but this is only the first day of the new season, there is a long way to go.

It looks like Mercedes cars are very fast and better balanced. With the tires Medium and Soft, the car behaved well, but we have not yet fully figured out the tires.

The car allowed to drive faster, but our program did not provide for this. In the evening, we will look at telemetry and see what we can add. With the power plant no problems. Everything went smoothly. ”

Pierre Gusli (4th): “It’s great to be back behind the wheel and hold my first workout as part of Red Bull Racing – it was a special day! Everything went well, with each lap I felt more confident. Something remains to be done, but overall we are happy with the car.

We had no expectations about the results – according to the results of the tests it is difficult to judge the pace of the rivals. In the second training session, we made progress and I felt more comfortable than in the morning. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

On the last lap, the power plant lost its power, but after checking it turned out that this was due to one of the sensors. ”