In Red Bull Racing against changing the qualification format

In Red Bull Racing against changing the qualification format

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There is talk in the paddock about changing the qualification format and holding a qualification race, according to the results of which places on the starting grid will be allocated. The head of Red Bull Racing Christian Horner believes that there is no need for change.

Christian Horner: “The qualification format raised a lot of questions, but in my opinion, everything works fine. There are three sessions – this is not so difficult, and the intrigue is growing. All this is relatively simple for the average viewer. But now, according to the results of qualification, the fastest cars will start from the first row – and the positions on the starting grid largely determine the results at the finish, if the race uses a strategy with one pit stop, and there are no problems with reliability.

It should be possible to use other strategies in the race – this is how we shuffle the cards, create more risk and get more rewards. We saw several very interesting races, in particular, the German Grand Prix, when there was no need for the whole analysis – we just had to rely on intuition and focus on what was happening on the track. In this case, it is impossible to prepare a strategy in advance.

Today, Formula 1 teams are so good at analyzing data and maximizing the effectiveness of the car from start to finish. It seems to me that if you add more variables, but not artificial measures, to the race, you get something incredible. ”